Frozen Ra!n

Frozen Ra!n

Modern indie meets classic rock – the Italian band `Frozen Rain’ is no longer considered an insider’s tip among native companions.
Formed in 2010 by frontman Max Elia Schweigkofler, guitarist Fabian Pichler, bassist Benni Longo and drummer Felix Bachmann, the four have since had multiple appearances at festivals and band contests within their hometown Bolzano and the rest of Italy, but also across the border with performances in both Germany and Austria.
With the release of their first single and video ‘ We are DJs’ in 2013, ‘Frozen Rain’ were able to attract public attention and gain first recognition by critics and audience.
Encouraged by the positive feedback, the four started writing and producing new songs and after months spent in their studio recording, they finally released their first album ‘Fake world’. Realizing that the rock genre appealed more to both them and the fans, the band parted more and more with indie in order to reveal a new sound on the 8 track CD.
But not only did Frozen Rain change its sound, the band members also found themselves adding a more profound meaning to their lyrics: over political problems addressed in ‘fake world’ to the question about courage found in ‘Hero’.
After topping it all off with their second music video, ‘Frozen Rain’ have no intention of resting on their laurels and are ready to leave Italy.